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Merkel with Polland for global challenges


Less than a week after being sworn in as Chancellor for the fourth time, Angela Merkel landed on Monday afternoon in Poland, to ask the neighboring country and unruly partner of the European Union, unity to face increasing international volatility. "We have to have a common policy towards Russia and China," Merkel told a news conference with the Polish prime minister, according to Reuters agency. Mateusz Morawiecki was also optimistic about the negotiations with Brussels in the wake of the controversial Polish judicial reform (...)

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The Universe or Nothing


His passion for the stars led Guillermo Haro to contemplate the sky every night and the reward he got for the results of the stars, supernovas and even a comet. His work continues today because his discoveries offer the possibility of knowing the age of the Universe and how it came to be formed. Haro was the most remarkable and visionary astronomer who gave his life to this discipline (...)

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16 Myths Disproved By Medicine


Many of the false beliefs that hover over nutrition, health and habits of life emerge from legends and misinterpretations. From how your brain works to eating habits, this article clarifies some of the most common, and erroneous, assumptions that have been spread. Read the explanation to all this theories and get some quotes from experts on each field!

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Shudu - Digital Supermodel


Shudu is a computer generated model by British photographer Cameron-James Wilson, who created it using 3D modeling programs. The hyperrealistic result, and a publication shared by a cosmetics firm that thought the model was real, did the rest. Today Shudu has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and although at first his profile presented an enigmatic "Who is she?", Now he explains that it is the first digital supermodel. (...)

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Understanding Spanish Soccer


People stop to greet Paul Breitner (Kolbermoor, Bavaria, 1951) with the courtesy given to local heroes. Sitting in the lounge of the Kempinski hotel in Munich as if it were on the porch of his house, the rebellious football player par excellence of the 70s has trimmed his hair but retains in the look the wild flash with which he lifted two leagues, five Bundesliga, one Eurocopa, a Champions and a World Cup in 1974. On the eve of the Spain-Germany match next Friday few veterans can speak with more knowledge of the cause of the football journey of both countries over the last half century (...)

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