U2 - Being.

About the process

U2 Single

7" Single Design

Designed a 7" single for U2 inspired on the style of their earlier record albums, such as War. Overall, the design keeps the same color palette:

Red. White. Black.

The artwork utilizes a boy photograph just as the band used the same boy for a couple of their albums. The decision to make the eye the most prominent thing on the design (used both in the cover and the vinyl's label) is because, in my opinion, the boy's eyes on their albums are a focal point and give an intesity to the photograph that makes it hard to look away. I wanted to emphasize that aspect and, zoomed in, the eye creates a very interesting and dynamic shape.

U2 Front Cover U2 Back Cover U2 Record Label

Below is shown the work in which the aesthetics of this single were inspired by. Both designs were chosen because of the color palette, the energy and boldness of the design, and the graphic approach.

War. How to dismantle an atomic bomb.

U2 Inspiration