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Mexican Crafts Typology

Mexican Crafts

Mexico has a lot of diversity when it comes to the crafts that represent each state/region of the country. This typology was inspired in all the different indigenous communities and their creations.

Represent each community’s unique style

The study consists in representing a few of their different crafts, such as embroidery from Oaxaca and Chiapas, Totomoxtle art of Tlaxcala, Huichol art from Jalisco, rebozos from Santa María del Río and sarapes from Saltillo.

Mexican Crafts Typology Mexican Crafts Typology

Each craft is either incorporated in objects of daily use, some of which are shirts, purses, and jewelry; or it is displayed as decoration.

Highlight the most characteristic element

The photographs are meant to focus on a particular detail from each object.

Mexican Crafts Typology

This typology was not only intended to show the beauty of each craft but also to educate the viewer on what each type of art is called and in which part of Mexico you would be able to find it.

Type of art • Location

Although the crafts may look similar and overall part of the same culture, there are small diferences in the way they are made and how the materials are handled.

Mexican Crafts Typology