Shawn Mendes.

About the process

Shawn Mendes Album Cover

Album Design

Redesigned the artwork for Shawn Mendes' third album. The concept for this project was based on my interpretation of what it would be like to represent the same feeling from the music into the artwork. Below are a few of the elements designed, like the sleeves and label.

Soft. Delicate. Warm. Acoustic.

Sleeve Design Front Record Label Sleeve Design Back

The record also includes the design for the lyric book. The album includes 14 different songs, and an illustration was created to represent each one of them. Overall, none of the illustrations are repeated throughout the album.

Concrete Poetry

The illustrations for the lyric book were printed with white ink on a soft pink vellum paper. A spread consists of the credits are on the left, and the illustration and lyrics on the right. Each song is written in the style of concrete poetry, where the meaning of the song is not only found and represented in the lyrics but also visually.

Spread Illustration Spread Illustration

Although I went through a lot of illustrations to get to the final piece, the concept never really changed. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to either include guitars or make the viewer infer them.

The guitar is the most prominent instrument

In my opinion, throughout every song, the guitar unifies and establishes the album's style.

Cover Illustration Label Illustration

The record sleeves have guitar strings illustrations (three nylon, three steel), and on the back of the sleeve, the strings break into flowers. Overall, all the illustrations created for the project were intendend to create a balance through the combination of two aspects:

Simplicity & Feeling

Sleeve Illustration

Below are a few illustrations done for the project that ended up not being used for either not fitting with the final concept idea or for not fitting entirely with the overall stylistic approach.

Extra Illustration