Bath & Body Works.

About the process

Bath & Body Soaps

Packaging Design

Created a brand new design for what could be a potential product in Bath & Body Works. Three different scents were illustrated and the design's aesthetic is meant to portray a very clean and playfuk look.

Clean & fresh

The reason why the design is not for any body lotion, mist or cream is that I wanted to focus on a product format that the company did not have. Although Bath & Body sells shower gels and body wash, they do not have any bar soap presentations.

Bath & Body Soaps

Below are a few of the starting sketches for the project. Before deciding to work on the packaging for soap bars, the original idea was to design new body lotion scents.

New Product. New Aesthetic.

After playing around with different ways of setting the design on the body lotion bottle, I felt like the design was not different enough compared to what they had already in stores. That is when I decided to do the packaging for a product the company did not have.


The outline illustrations created for the project are meant to not overwhelm the buyer with the packaging.

Something simple

That reflected each fresh scent and allowed each part of the packaging to be feel clean and unified.