U.S. Tribune.

About the process

US Tribune

Newspaper Website

Designed and coded a fully responsive website coded in Bootstrap with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The project was meant to design a website for a ficticious newspaper. When I looked at other online newspapers for reference and I noticed that they all had extensive amout of imformation with no room for it to breathe.

Something Different

I wanted an innovating menu that will cover the the homepage in order to make it more compelling for people to look into each section.

US Tribune

It is a prototype with how the final website would look like but it does not contain as much information as a real online newspaper.

Captivating & bold

Each section will open with the latest published article and it would potentially have side arrows to switch the information displayed to earlier publications. Each article will contain a balance of information and images in order to compell people to read through the full page instead of overwhelming them.

US Tribune

Below are a few of the sketched thumbnails for trying to figure out the design concept and aesthetic.

Easy & interesting Navigation

Mexican Crafts Typology