Muga Wine.

About the process

Muga Wine

Packaging Design

Packaging design for Rioja’s Muga wine. A combination of tradition and modernity, Muga employs a keen attention to detail in the refinement of their wines, and this sensitivity is suggested in the delicate, original line illustrations for the bottles and boxes.

Tradition & Modernity

The winery is nuanced and attentive to discerning consumers. And so the delicious color palette continues to tantalize with rich metallic colors, subtle whites on white, and other quiet surprises.

Muga Wine Bottles

There was an intent to create unity among the different packaging for every type of wine produced. The solution targets only the most attentive consumers.

Quiet & Uniquely Different

Each bottle has its own color palette that belongs to the type of wine it contains. By creating a box for each bottle, there was a liberty to strip down the design on the glass to the only essential informative elements. Each bottle has a vinyl leaf illustration that represents the type of grape it is made of, and the name at the bottom.

Rose Bottle Bottle Leafs

As part of the project, three ads were created to promote each wine. As part of the combination of tradition and modernity from the brand, I decided to be silently playful with the ads. Each poster plays with common idioms in reference to the wine. All the copy from the ads was written by me and it portrays the elegance found in the packaging and friendly approach.

Silently Playful

The color palette stays minimal: soft colors and white on whites. The purpose for doing white type on white background was mainly because at plain sight, only seeing the wine stain ring on a white background, is the only thing you need to know to figure out it is a wine ad and to compell you to come closer. Once you're close enough to see the type, the playfulness / friendliness from the brand shows through.

Muga Ads Muga Copywrite