About the process

A Dog's Perspective

Film Photography

Recently started working with a 35mm Canon AE-1. I found the whole process really interesting and easy to get immersed in. Working with film makes you reflect entirely on what you are doing and forces you to think on how to manage your technique in order to get a specific expected result.

Building something from scratch

Below are a few scans of the prints I got from the darkroom.

Museo del Desierto Museo del Desierto Aztec Dog

To a certain extent it requires you to trust yourself and what you are doing while photographing because there is no way of knowing for sure your mistakes until you develop the film.

It's a process of understanding

Film photography is a method that requires extensive experimentation and keen attention to detail.

Emma Lawrence Street Walk Statuette

My last project focused on photographing interesting reflections found in our every-day routines. I really enjoy finding reflections and they are what truly capture my attention wherever I go.

This is how I look at the world

Reflections Reflections Reflections