About the process


Publication Design

This project includes all the different elements of a museum exhibition for visually impaired people.

Inspired by the Museo del Prado's initiative

The braille and illustrations are done by hand with 3D paint. The book and brochure are translated to Spanish and they follow the guidelines of the National Braille Association.

Feeling Poster

The elements designed for this project were the poster, brochure, exhibition book, few souvenirs (posters and pillow) and a gift bag.The design is limited to black and white in order to not have color be a defining element to the work itself.

Create the closest possible experience for everyone

Feeling Brochure Spreads

Usually when it comes to braille, it is only translated what is written but not what is seen. Personally, I wanted to change that and bring interaction for all the elements on the desgin to be seen and touched.

Visually attractive and functional

The biggest challenge was delegating which information was the most important since keeping everything concise and to the point was a necessity.

Feeling Book Spread

Below are some of the sketches done during the planning stages of the pieces.

Feeling Sketches