About the process

Watkins College of Art's 2018 BFA Exhibition in Graphic Design and Illustration. This project was for the Graphic Design + Illustration Show; a senior show that encompasses reworking your best projects and also creating the branding and experience of the exhibition in which they will be presented.

It's all about the process of concept development

art direction + design

The concept emerged from the goal of communicating to a specific audience of design professionals in a familiar language. Among a few ideas, 11ppi was born.

eleven pixels per inch
11ppi logo

The idea of "11ppi" embraced a technical term that was abstract enough to interest unfamiliar people to want to know what it meant. It was born from the idea of 11 students coming together for one exhibition to showcase all of their very different work and styles.

a concept to represent 11 different individuals

a color to represent each

"Ppi" refers to "pixels per inch", the number of square pixels in an inch of a digital screen. The idea of using pixels reflected the individuality of each artist and the power of collaboration.

eleven pixels per inch

There were several elements to work on, but the aesthetic remained a balance between bold, bright colors and a clean approach to type. Color was a prominent element of the concept, so it was emphasized with the use of bold, solid blocks of color.

solid and bright, all digital-based

r g b. #HEXCODES. c m y k.

As a group, we decided to take a more enviornmentally friendly stance and made this the first show to take an all-digital approach. To reinforce the digital idea, the color was always represented with its corresponding Hex Code, CMYK, and RGB values (as seen on volunteer shirt and book).

eleven pixels per inch

The information on the nametags for the exhibition was also edited to mimic the same Hex Code, CMYK and RGB format used on other advertising elements. The poster and website fully embraced the solid, bold colors.

variations of the same elements

Accents & Details

The poster was black with the logo on the top corner as an accent and white type. The poster was a large square to keep playing with the concept of pixels. The poster also includes variations, using one of the colors from the pixels of the logo as background. The website is a simple, straight-forward site containing a brief explanation of the concept, the location of the show, information on the students and how to contact them or where to view their work.

eleven pixels per inch Nametag
poster poster
website website

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