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Photography by Amy Miller

The Tell-Tale Heart

About the process /

A project that reflects a personal perspective through a visual representation on one of my favorite short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. The main illustration for the cover was carved into a linoleum block, printed on a paper with high cotton percentage to get added texture on the final print, and later scanned.

The Tell-Tale Heart • Gothic Romanticism

The concept was born from the idea of a heartbeat so loud that it becomes all you can hear, becoming everything that is in your head, and the screaming desperation of the main character. The typographical approach reinforces the concept of something hidden at plain sight, without affecting its readability. The way in which the title is broken down and the line spacing is for each word to be read separately, mimicking the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Book Sleeve Design /

The sleeve was thought as a complement to the book cover concept that every Tell-Tale Heart lover would appreciate. As a reference to the plot where the body is hidden in the story, a glossy black wooden texture was printed on a matte black paper so when the user slides the wood off, they will see the heart screaming. The sleeve also includes the opposite typographical parts of the title with a die cut on the missing part so that, when inserting the book, they will complement each other and show the full letterforms.

Tell-Tale Heart Design
Tell-Tale Heart Design

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