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Photography by Amy Miller

Muga Wine

About the process /

Packaging design and ad campaign for Rioja’s Muga wine. With a combination of tradition and modernity, Muga employs a keen attention to detail in the refinement of their wines, and this sensitivity is suggested in the delicate, original line illustrations for the bottles and boxes.

A homage to the brand's essence; a blend between tradition and modernity.

The winery's nuanced attention to details appeal to their most discerning consumers. And so the delicious color palette continues to fascinate consumers by a representative with rich metallic colors, subtle whites on white, and other quiet surprises.

A friendly approach /

With the purpose of creating unity among the packaging for every type of wine produced, each bottle has a vinyl leaf illustration that represents the type of grape it is made of, and the name of the type of wine at the bottom. As part of the project, three ads were created to promote each wine. Each poster plays with common idioms, making references to the product.

The body copy from the ads portrays the elegance found in the packaging.

The color palette stays minimal: soft colors, and the first draft of the project included white on whites. The latter was changed for warmer hues and wooden elements in order to portray a more rustic and warm feeling to the product. The playfulnes/friendliness of the brand shows through the relatable color palette and the playful use of idioms. The typefaces chosen and the intricate illustrations reflect the elegance and quality of the brand.

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