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Team Work Project

This project was done between six UX designers, for which different roles were randomly assigned. Although we all collaborated in every stage of the project's development, my assigned role was that of the UI Designer, leading the creation of the app's branding and image.

UX Roles

The concept lies behind an app that would make it easier to connect with friends and strangers with same hobbies in order to create fun, spontaneous plans. Below you will find a brief overview of the other UX work done for the project, and a more in-depth showcase of the UI elements created.

Previous UX Work Previous UX Work

UI Design

Logotype Typography Color Palette
Buttons Headings Hierarchy

*Most elements of this project were not showcased in this case study since it was work done by several UX designers.
If you would like to see the full project and collaboration roles, please contact me through hi@carolinadealba.com .
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