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Photography by Amy Miller

Feeling: A Touch of Art

About the process /

This project includes all the different elements of a museum exhibition for a blind and visually impaired audience. The braille and illustrations are done by hand with 3D paint. The book and brochure are translated to Spanish and they follow the guidelines of the National Braille Association.

With the main purpose of being inclusive to the blind and visually impaired, color is not a factor that would alter the experience from audience to audience

The design is limited to black and white in order to not have color be a defining element to the work itself.

Some of the elements designed for this project were the exhibition's poster, brochures, exhibition book, a few souvenirs (such as poster variations and a hand-embroidered pillow), as well as a gift bag for the souvenir shop. The elements that were translated to Spanish are presented by the opposite color choices from the materials in English so it becomes easier for the user to differientate them at plain sight.

Pillow Front

Pillow Back

Brief & Comprehensive /

This project brings interaction for all the elements on an exhibition to be seen and touched, elements including souvenirs, museum map, brochures, etc.

Due to the spacing needed in braille, all information needed to be concise.

One of the challenges from the project was delegating which information was most crucial. Everything in braille was placed based on prime readability for the user, and the printed copy was aesthetically placed to interact with the braille or to frame it, creating elegant, unique, and functional elements. Page numbers were also included in braille.

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