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Nine Character Sketches
from Magical Realism Stories

About the process /

This project was kindled by an influence and appreciation for Magical Realism, a literary genre that combines the mundane with fantastical occurrences.

A character sketch is a description of how a certain persona behaves in the story, and its relevance to the plot.

On this particular compilation of essays, the sketches are written with a first-person narrative, as if told by the character itself. Each illustration is representative of a key aspect of the story that inspired its corresponding character sketch. All the typographical arrangements are set to enhance the meaning of the sketch and its illustration.

Inside Book
Inside Page
Book Covers
Title Page Cover

Tone & Feel /

The typeface choices reflect the style used in Latin America around the 20th century. The color palette consists of pastel hues to keep a light and dreamy feeling across the book.

There is a whimsical subtilness to the way in which every illustration is presented and to the typographical playfulness.

The original stories are written on colored pages, while the character sketches are placed on a solid white background for differentiation. The title page for each story includes an illustration and an extract, both referencing what the character sketch for that particular story will be about.

Title Page Cover
Character Sketch

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