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About the project /

Brand identity design for AL PLATO, a restaurant in Mexico with the objective of providing quality food at an affordable price for young adults. In order to represent a young target audience, the graphic elements are illustrated with repetitive line work that creates energy and dynamism.

Quick • Tasty • Affordable

The warmth of the color palette represents comfort, complementing the youthfulness and energy from the bright orange hues. The darker tones of the palette give the brand balance and ground.

Saul Bass /

Considering that the only design element requested by the client was to see a chef’s plate as part of the logo, the identity was inspired by Saul Bass’ characteristic style for transforming ordinary objects into art with a modern approach to design, and it was transformed with a contemporary spin to the aesthetic. Although minimal, every element on the page has a meaning and reason of being (as it was done by Bass).

Al Plato Logo
Al Plato Application Al Plato Application
Al Plato Application Al Plato Application

Immersive Menu /

Some of the packaging elements designed were both for permanent products and limited-edition offers. A few of the projects displayed below include the packaging for subscription boxes, bag, tags and boxes for shot glasses, and box design for their plates. Important elements for the products were highlighted and used as a graphic resource for the packaging, as seen for the dinner plates where the design on their lips is mimicked on the box itself.

Al Plato Menus Al Plato Coasters
Al Plato T-Shirts
Al Plato Caps

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