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Student ADDY Awards

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Poster design for the Student ADDY Awards. A pen illustration that was scanned and put to contrast with bold typography so none of the line-work would be lost. Printed with the Ricoh printer on Neenah's bright Red Pepper Smooth paper to capture the viewer's attention. Two layers of white ink, topped with a final layer of the black ink details.

Bold • Emotional • Energetic

The illustration is a literal depiction of the main statement: put your heart into art. Not only is it an emotional statement but it also translates to the line-work within the illustration itself; how every stroke is full of energy, detailed, precise and passionate.

Barbara Kruger

Inspiration was drawn from the work of artist Barbara Kruger. Stripped down to its essence, the artwork reflects the power and pressence of strong imagery with short, precise, and impactful statements.

Barbara Kruger Inspo
ADDY Awards Type
Tell-Tale Heart Design

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